4 April Maastricht the Dirty Immigrant
6 Apr the Hague the Dirty Immigrant
7 April Rotterdam the Dirty Immigrant
10 Apr Groningen the Dirty Immigrant
11 April Eindhoven the Dirty Immigrant
12 April Amsterdam the Dirty Immigrant
13 April London Failing in Love
14 April Cardiff Glee Comedy Club
15 April London Rat Pack Comedy
15 April London Roast Battle London
16 April London Vauxhall Comedy Club
16 April London City Comedy Club
20 April London 7PM + 9PM the Dirty Immigrant
21 April London Angel Comedy
21-22 April London City Comedy Club
22 April London Angel Comedy Club
22 April London Roast Battle London
23 April London Hampstead Comedy Club
24 April London the Immigrant Comedy show
25 April Oslo Failing in Love
27 April Oslo the Dirty Immigrant
28 April Stavanger the Dirty Immigrant
7 May Warsaw the Dirty Immigrant
15 June Antwerp Antwerp Comedy Club
27 July Hamburg Hamburg International Comedy
4-28 Aug Edinburgh the Dirty Immigrant
4-28 Aug Edinburgh Roast Battle Edinburgh
2 Sept Ibiza Lust for Laughs
11-12 Oct Berlin Quatsch Comedy Club
2-10 Dec Dubai Laughter Factory

I hope to see you soon at a show so can talk about our feelings. Also hope you’re well and healthy. Tell me where you live and I’ll come and do a show in your town/village! Seriously, write to me at and I’ll come to your neck of the woods! Till we see each other again, live your life to the fullest so we have things to talk about.

If you cannot afford a ticket – no problem! – send me an email with your name at and I’ll send you a free ticket. No questions asked.