Traveling Romanian comedian Victor Patrascan is coming to the Netherlands with his irreverent and outrageous stand up comedy show. Get your tickets below:

tickets for April 4 • Maastricht

tickets for April 6 • the Hague

tickets for  April 7 • Rotterdam

tickets for April 10 • Groeningen

tickets for April 11 • Eindhoven

tickets for April 12 • Amsterdam

Wanna see a dirty immigrant tell dirty jokes? If you’re someone who thinks we should question everything about life, love, religion and politics then you’re going to love traveling Romanian comedian Victor Patrascan.

Victor’s curiosity surpasses his fear. He likes to poke the truth with a stick and see if there’s any life left in it. He’s bringing his honest, thought provoking and unapologetic stand up comedy show to the Netherlands.

⛔️ The show will be held entirely in English and will be held indoors and follow current social distancing guidelines. We are only able to have a limited number of tickets. Please reserve a seat in advance.