31 July OlomoucOlomouc English Comedy
1 AugustBerlinan American and a Romanian walk into a bar
7 AugustBerlinTriple Threat
8 AugustBerlinFailing in Love
13 AugustBelgradeBen Akiba Comedy Club
16 AugustBanskoa Dutch guy and a Romanian walk into a Mexican bar
18 AugustCraiovathe Trouble with Being Born Romanian
19 AugustCluj-Napocathe Trouble with Being Born Romanian
20 AugustOradeathe Trouble with Being Born Romanian
21 AugustBudapestthe Dirty Immigrant
24 AugustLjubljanaSlovenia Panc festival
25 AugustCologne
28 AugustHamburgHamburg International Comedy
30 AugustOsnabrückthe Dirty Immigrant
12 SeptemberKrakowKrakow Comedy Club
17 SeptemberLondonUp the Creek
17-18 SeptemberLondonCity Comedy Club
24 September LondonComedy Store
25 SeptemberLondonCity Comedy Club
27 SeptemberLondon Museum of Comedy
27 SeptemberLondonGood Ship Comedy

I hope to see you soon at a show so can talk about our feelings. Also hope you’re well and healthy. Till we see each other again, live your life to the fullest so we have things to talk about.

Tell me where you live and I’ll come and do a show in your town/village! Seriously, write to me at and I’ll come to your neck of the woods!

If you cannot afford the ticket prices, send me a message with your name at and I’ll send you a free ticket no questions asked.